Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rooms on Film: Just Wright

leslie's (queen latifah) bedroom - very vintage
It's a story as old as the hills: worthy, confident chick falls for a guy who can only see vapid lookers, until he finally realizes the difference between companionship and lust. Such is the formula of Just Wright, in which two cousins fall for a pro basketball player for different reasons. Consummate physical trainer, Leslie, saves the career of hotshot, Scott, at the behest of his fiancee - her freeloading, golddigging cousin - Morgan, and falls in love herself.

Personally, I find this story baffling. 
My mom has a few sisters and always - always - told me that you do not mess with your sisters' and friends' men. Not even guys they had a crush on in high school. Ever. So the notion that Leslie would get involved with Scott romantically strikes me as red-flag stupid. Of course heartache would ensue! She's lucky Morgan didn't pull a gun on her.

That pivotal detail aside, this movie has some pretty cute sets and locations. While Scott lives in a castle like mansion townhouse on Central Park West NYC, Leslie lives in a fixer-upper in suburban New Jersey. Morgan moves back and forth between their two homes. Scott's million-dollar home is kind of vast and cold, but Leslie's little house-in-progress has distinctly feminine touches some of which seem to be her additions and some of which seem to be left over from the previous owner. 

leslie's place: an overgrown fixer-upper and an elderly mustang
the entrance hall has a bistro set under the stainglass window
finished LR: dressed bay window, ikea sofa, fab side table, anthropologie rug
i'm pretty sure that table in the far right corner is this one that i lusted and lusted after at anthropologie

My favorite room is Morgan's bedroom. Very feminine although clearly a guest room given the twin-size bed:

assuming those trees are a thick screen given the sheer curtains; l-o-v-e the wallpaper against the blue paint
this really does look like a kid's room

The rest of the house is in various states of DIY throughout the movie:

kitchen before-and-after: old wallpaper vs. fresh paint (lower cabinets were turquoise? really?)
swatch central in the dining room btw the LR and kitchen

There's a definite mix of high/low in both sets. Leslie's living room has an IKEA sofa and then a rug and table from Anthropologie. The side table alone retailed for about $500. It seems an incosistent choice for a new homeowner who drives a failing vintage car. Unfortunately, the views of Leslie's home are somewhat limited and the shots are kinda tight. But it stuck in my mind long after this bizarre love triangle resolved itself in the worthy chick's favor. And here is a shot of Scott's bedroom which is the one room in his mansion (townhouse?) that I really liked:

love the grey and berry color scheme

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