Saturday, April 25, 2015

Viva Print Media: Just Not Here

new specialty one-off: bohemian home
It was a landmark day! Friday I made my monthly trip to B&N to checkout the new magazines. As the dazzling global, eclectic home tours and editorials were flashing before my eyes, an idea occurred to me: don’t buy these, go home and buy digital copies from Zinio. And, save for one title, that is what I did. And, for once, it’s a relief to forego the physical magazine in favor of digital. Reason being, I’m currently digging my way out from under a massive stockpile of magazines. That’s right. I’m that lady who brings ‘em in every month, but rarely takes any back out. Just politely stacks them in corners and under furniture until there’s no more out-of-sight space to conceal them.

That’s what finally gave me the will to start putting my old magazines to the curb…where they belong.