Monday, November 28, 2011

Single-Girl Style: The "Sexy Afro Glam" Vibe

Not too long ago, while cruising around Flickr, an image of this room caught my eye. It was in Aphrochic's photostream and over on her blog she had announced the small-screen debut of her wallpaper, The Vibe, on HGTV's Secrets of a Stylist. Being a love-slave to hot pink and all, of course I was desperate to see the episode. Sadly, it has not yet aired. But the show's host/designer, Emily Henderson, recently posted a link to the episode online.  

The phoenix which Henderson dubbed "Sexy Afro Glam" rose from the ashes of this drab box apartment. And naturally, I screencapped the hell out of it for closer inspection:

Some things are so very worth the wait!

Viva Print Media: ELIZA Magazine

Technically, ELIZA Magazine is an online mag, but you can order hard copies. Have you read it? It started pubbing in 2007, but I just stumbled on it about a year ago. Their mission is to address real women with affordable clothes, great deals and realistic models. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bedding Roundup: "Twilight" for Grown-Ups

I'm no Twi-hard myself, but I know a few grown-ass ladies who are and it's to them that I dedicate this roundup of bedding similar to Movie Bella's signature purple floral. Options that aren't stigmatized as "teen" bedding. (Though, for those ladies who broke down and ordered this anyway, be at ease. I'm pretty sure this comforter set made it's acting debut in "Criminal Minds" third season as Penelope Garcia's bedding.) 

I know well that feeling of saying, "Oh, that's pretty" and then stopping short when you realize it's being sold for school girls. So all you moms, aunts and grandma's can have your own Bella Twilight nest instead of buying the real deal only to give it to your nearest teeny bopper: 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Single-Girl Style: Moody, Modern & Eclectic

Of the handful of things I wish I had studied in high school and college, Russian is not one of them. Which left me at a loss when I came across this gorgeous apartment profile. Such a bummer because this lady, whoever she is, has a really cool home. The contrast of the purple brocade wallpaper next to the brown bamboo wall sets the dark, moody tone of the space. The vivid grain in the dark wood floors stands out and contrasts beautifully with the smooth, shiny lacquer table. Not to mention the nubby, wool kilims and the modern leather chair. 
source: glamour russia  photos: will webster
But it doesn't stop there.