Monday, November 28, 2011

Single-Girl Style: The "Sexy Afro Glam" Vibe

Not too long ago, while cruising around Flickr, an image of this room caught my eye. It was in Aphrochic's photostream and over on her blog she had announced the small-screen debut of her wallpaper, The Vibe, on HGTV's Secrets of a Stylist. Being a love-slave to hot pink and all, of course I was desperate to see the episode. Sadly, it has not yet aired. But the show's host/designer, Emily Henderson, recently posted a link to the episode online.  

The phoenix which Henderson dubbed "Sexy Afro Glam" rose from the ashes of this drab box apartment. And naturally, I screencapped the hell out of it for closer inspection:

Some things are so very worth the wait!

Aphrochic's wallpaper is the still point on which the entire room turns. Henderson chose it because the wallpaper combines a traditional pattern with a fresh, modern color scheme. The homeowner is deeply Afrocentric and very feminine. So the wallpaper really captures her aesthetic in a nutshell. While the room's color scheme is determined by the wallpaper, the bright colors, glossy paint and metals are balanced by the use of raw materials like mudcloth, carved woods, capiz and a gray loveseat. And, also, by various shades of brown.

The homeowner's reaction is pretty on the money. Only a designer could walk in to that long narrow pad and see the potential for so much movement, color and interest. I would rate her wig-out on a par with Halle Berry winning the Oscar in terms of sheer, authentic OMG. When she says it will take several days to get used to it, you believe her. Walking into this place every day must feel like getting a golden statue over and over and over again!

fresh paint and white wood flooring set the stage
a thought: painting the cabinets white/chartreuse would rock
chartreuse wall continues the color scheme while delineating space
finished wall: varying heights and finishes, rustic + glam
opposite wall: mixed finishes, mirrors mimic the etagere and the wallpaper pattern
dining area: salon wall, lush capiz, lucite + hot pink chairs
entrance area: rustic, authentic africana (and a screen hides the old fridge)

And now the finished space 'in real life:'
even from floor level it is awesome!
the space has so much movement now; the length is disguised and the entire area is warmed up and totally enlivened
great use of vertical space and so much interest is added
a parsons desk is behind the loveseat
L-O-V-E the dinette! but, i'd have gone with a sheer, capiz or beaded curtain to disguise the fridge and still allow light into the kitchen
every prophet in her house: the ecstatic homeowner and the designer who 'stood her post'
you cannot deny a job so deliciously well done
I think the best thing about this room is that the abundant use of pink is so well integrated with the other colors that it remains a distinctly adult home. There's no doubt that a grown woman lives here. (I suspect Aphrochic is about to go out of stock on The Vibe wallpaper.)

On another note, I highly recommend watching the episode for it's own sake. It will likely live as a gold standard inspiration for many women people. Also, this show does these sort of bokeh-ish out of focus transition pieces and the ones of this room are as gorgeous as the standing shots of the place. If the caretakers have any mercy, they'll post digital stills of this room as well. While the videos are convenient, the image quality does not measure up to even a 3mp camera. [Please!

I cannot wait to watch the episode on tv!


Jessie said...

That wallpaper is amazing! Emily did yet another awesome room! I would love to have that white sofa!!

belledame said...

it is a pretty couch. i feel like that grey one just looks so comfy.

NSADAMS said...

That's my house...well it was. I sold it recently but I carried the same design to my new place except for the wallpaper :(. I miss it but the high ceiling wouldn't allow it. PEACE yall! said...

The book shelf is my favorite thing!!! said...