Monday, November 14, 2011

Single-Girl Style: Moody, Modern & Eclectic

Of the handful of things I wish I had studied in high school and college, Russian is not one of them. Which left me at a loss when I came across this gorgeous apartment profile. Such a bummer because this lady, whoever she is, has a really cool home. The contrast of the purple brocade wallpaper next to the brown bamboo wall sets the dark, moody tone of the space. The vivid grain in the dark wood floors stands out and contrasts beautifully with the smooth, shiny lacquer table. Not to mention the nubby, wool kilims and the modern leather chair. 
source: glamour russia  photos: will webster
But it doesn't stop there. 

In another room you have grey velvet chesterfields against another brocade wall, and in the midst of that a bookcase in deep chocolate with shelves painted out in glossy fuschia. There is so much right in this home all tied together by brocade wallpapers in various colorways.

This style looks pretty accessible. Not cheap, but simple in terms of arranging furniture and accessories. I wonder where she's hiding her books, though...

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