Monday, October 24, 2011

Exotic Beds: Global Designs for Fall

The time to snuggle is now. The days are short, evenings are chilly, the heat won't be on for a month. Already I'm slipping into winter tendencies having grilled cheese sandwiches and cocoa for dinner. After which I want to retreat to my cushy, soft bed with a good book and nestle under piles of colorful blankets. And the fact that it's fall and jewel tones are in season does not alter my desire for brightly colored, well-patterned bedding. Thank heaven for brands like Echo who bring it like it's already been brung.

My favorite new collection, Mayan Geo, features my favorite colors, hot pink and orange, on an excellent tribal pattern. This looks like it would mix and match well with any John Robshaw you've got laying around.

all good things: echo brand mayan geo
the wonderful brights are balanced by a rich neutral brown
the collection summed up in one pillow

Then there's the Raja collection which centers on cream/brown neutrals for the block print + paisley motif, and uses the brights as accents. Also, an amazing invitation to snuggle up. 

best of both worlds: raja collection
block print and hidden color
upscale paisley embroidery on neutral base

Now, if they offer bath collections for these lines, I might go catatonic. If you find me sleeping in the store display, shhh... do not disturb.

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