Monday, October 10, 2011

Rooms on Film: HBO's Hung

Have you ever watched that HBO recession sitcom, Hung? I tend to enjoy the mind games the characters play, the hijinks this fly-by-night prostitution scheme leads to and the Sex and the City-style comic sex scenes. And, in particular, I like the down-to-earth set design. My favorite set is Tanya Skagle's modest 1BR  apartment. The cool thing about her place is that it is colorful, eclectic and realistic. It is a rabble of items that are old, low-cost, affordable and occasionally expensive. You believe this quirky, neurotic, creative person lives here. 

This season Hung has come up with a new set: the Wellness Center for Women. Thanks to HBO's thoughtful guided tour video, I was able to explore the space more closely than the show does. I'm actually quite curious as to how they decided to decorate it. Quite a bit of the furnishings look salvaged. We get to see the characters decorate with artwork that supports their seminar, "Orgasmic Living," both subtly and overtly.

Just look at it, even the outside is colored in Tanya's trademark eclectic color crossed with the sort of hippie vibe one might expect of a discount yoga/dance studio.   
source: hbo; the happiness consultants finally hit their stride 
"welcome to orgasmic living"; please, source me that lotus lamp!
the center is actually quite small with an office in back curtained off by heavy drapes
so eclectic: worn brick, rich paint colors, beaded curtains
the salvaged buffet, star lantern, woven wallhanging
warmly-colored lounge area; mix of mid-century and indian accents; one of tanya's lightcatchers in the window
comfy lounge area for arranging "private consultations"
business is so good, our underdogs end the season premiere on top of the world, riding out to 1,2,3's proletariat anthem "work" 


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