Monday, December 30, 2013

Single-Girl Style: Cold Light in Quebec

north american whites, as opposed to scandinavian
Here's a home that reminds me of that old memory of my aunt's apartment. It belongs to model/stylist, Azamit. Done all in white, this two story loft is about as open and airy as possible. The high ceilings allow a lot of light to get in through those tall windows. The block glass wall keeps light filtering into the bathroom. Modern, yet relaxed and unfussy. 

Color Story: Cold Light

utterly restrained: white on white with a little punch of color and pattern
Thinking about Lulu D's "glam eclectic" bedroom on How to Make it in America got me thinking about restrained color palettes. Given my tastes, you wouldn't think such a topic crosses my mind too often. But I actually find simple color schemes quite refreshing. I just don't want to live in them. But in my memory are some of those hazy, likely inaccurate, images of places from early childhood that informs my sensibilities to this day. I call it "Cold Light" after that Yeah Yeah Yeahs song. 

Rooms on Film: How to Make it in America

lulu d's (nicole laliberte) ladylike boudoir
Another of those shows I barely ever saw before it was cancelled. It clocked two seasons on HBO. Before it bit the dust, How to Make it in America did impress me with some of it's NYC digs, all designed by one Kelly McGehee.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

State of the Blog

lotus & fig: the scarf. my new calvin klein score from marshall's
During the holiday break I'm taking some time to do a bunch of posts that have been on my mind for quite some time. So there will be a slew of new posts that feature film and tv screencaps, though the topics will be slightly different.