Monday, November 2, 2015

Color Story: Copper's Moment to Shine

moroccan trellis patterned pillar candle holder in from h&m
As decorative metals go, hammered bronze is my favorite. It's darker, earthier and mixes well with browns. Brighter metals like gold and silver are less to my taste. But copper is having a nice moment lately. It's turning up on items that are usually dominated by gold and silver. And it's really striking...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Retail Odyssey: The John Robshaw Sample Sale

fergana lotus duvet cover by john robshaw - blanket stitched edges
My intentions were noble. Swing by the hallowed annual John Robshaw sample sale, locate a Primrose decorative pillow sham, buy it at an awesome discount and go home. If there were no Primrose shams on hand, I was to leave empty-handed. No other purchases, since more bedding is the last thing I need. 

That was the plan going in. Unfortunately, there were no Primrose shams to be had... To my credit, I only spent $20 on the duvet above.