Sunday, November 1, 2015

Retail Odyssey: The John Robshaw Sample Sale

fergana lotus duvet cover by john robshaw - blanket stitched edges
My intentions were noble. Swing by the hallowed annual John Robshaw sample sale, locate a Primrose decorative pillow sham, buy it at an awesome discount and go home. If there were no Primrose shams on hand, I was to leave empty-handed. No other purchases, since more bedding is the last thing I need. 

That was the plan going in. Unfortunately, there were no Primrose shams to be had... To my credit, I only spent $20 on the duvet above.

a larger-than-life ikat pattern in my favorite colors
Twenty dollars for a handmade, queen-size duvet! I'm not even sure how it happened. One minute, I was on tiptoe scrounging through huge moving boxes and the next these pink/orange/tan wonders were tossed down in front of me. The effect was transfixing. Everyone knows this but it bears commenting: John Robshaw patterns are far more impressive in person. Photos don't necessarily do them justice. I really wish I'd taken photos. Anyway, in the very next box a couple of duvets were tossed in that were in the Primrose Indigo pattern. Since when is that pattern on duvets?! Briefly a flame of hope flared in me: could there be a Primrose duvet (pink/orange) as well..? Apparently not, but if there had been such a piece on the premises, trust and believe we'd be talking about it now.

the bargain hunt continues: primrose decorative sham
As I said, my hunt for the sham proved fruitless. For some reason, I feel that the smaller one is more appropriate and once I get one at a good price, my Primrose bolster can go (the large 22x42 incher). In the meantime, I got this new duvet for a song (left the matching euro shams, though).

the sign said "sold" on this fabulous indian headboard
Maybe this will make a cool slipcover over my sofa... Seasonal change is the perfect time to tweak the decor. 

details: blanket-stitched edges in hot pink thread
primrose bolster and fergana lotus duvet cover

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