Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bandwagon: Restocked Missoni for Target

Swung by Target for a new curling iron and did spot some Missoni for Target items in stock. This would be the Brooklyn/Atlantic Center store:
one lonely little eye mask in luggage

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cozy Under Foot: An Awesome Flor Tile Carpet

The past few days have brought me quite a few surprises, not least a debilitating and unseasonable head cold. But the niftiest surprise thus far is in the pages of the sneak peak of Rue Magazine's new issue, due to post on October 4th. 
photo credit: emily johnston-anderson
I must confess to not being too interested in tv decorators' homes. That might just be complacency, but it seems like their general style comes across on-air. Also, I tend to think their homes must be neglected since they spend so much time traveling and working. Like when you read that some actor bought a house but its completely empty because they're always working. Anyway, thumbing through the rooms of Chez Soto I noticed two things: 1) a number of the accessories are from West Elm's past year or so of collections, and 2) her Flor tile rug has my name written ALL over it! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bandwagon: Missoni for Target

purple zigzag pouf - the one item i am seriously considering.
some of the other things i liked: this print is delicious. but i don't need any of this stuff and i'm able to leave it alone. thankfully.
It is hard to know who to blame for my disappointment with today's launch. Certainly, some of the onus is on me. Waking up fully rested at 6am and deciding to web browse was my choice. Forgetting that today was the day, also my fault. And to be honest, I didn't really want anything, delicious though I find the brand. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rooms on Film: The Guitar

Back in 2008, I was perusing the New York Times and saw a review for a movie called, The GuitarThe movie sounded like a real downer: Last Holiday, without the life savings and whirlwind travel spree. The accompanying photo seemed to confirm this as the doomed protagonist appeared pale and emaciated. Her environment however - financed by a credit card spending spree - was…to die for:

image credit: jo jo whilden/cold fusion media  

Some time later, I stumbled on the image in my extensive "style tray" folder and started searching for screencaps. The internet turned up very little, but some of the images really looked promising in terms of the overall set. Then, lo and behold, one evening the movie  - which was a Sundance Festival entrant - turned up on Sundance Channel. Finally, a chance to see this delicious apartment in all its glory! It did not disappoint. This apartment is, to borrow from Pat Conroy, “a feast for the human eye.” The way it is decorated and lived in defines bohemian living. Facing her end, Melody Wilder revels in every reasonable sort of sensory and sensual indulgence. And. I. Mean. Every. She literally takes the time to delight in being able to smell, taste, touch, hear, and see. 

If you've seen The Guitar, you know it does get a little steamy in the middle. And the musical score rocks. And it is a bit unbelievable. But...this sort of urban fairy tale of how it takes a terminal cancer diagnosis to help broken note, Melody Wilder, rediscover her harmony is really pretty fun and uplifting. The environment, moving from a dark, cramped basement apartment, to a sunny penthouse loft on the Hudson River, is as responsible for Melody's reawakening as anything else. 

Witness the transformation: