Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cozy Under Foot: An Awesome Flor Tile Carpet

The past few days have brought me quite a few surprises, not least a debilitating and unseasonable head cold. But the niftiest surprise thus far is in the pages of the sneak peak of Rue Magazine's new issue, due to post on October 4th. 
photo credit: emily johnston-anderson
I must confess to not being too interested in tv decorators' homes. That might just be complacency, but it seems like their general style comes across on-air. Also, I tend to think their homes must be neglected since they spend so much time traveling and working. Like when you read that some actor bought a house but its completely empty because they're always working. Anyway, thumbing through the rooms of Chez Soto I noticed two things: 1) a number of the accessories are from West Elm's past year or so of collections, and 2) her Flor tile rug has my name written ALL over it! 

photo credit: emily johnston-anderson
I was so excited by this discovery that I clicked on over to to get the details. The pattern is called Shiny Happy in Bronze/Cream. What really makes this rug stand out in Sabrina's apartment is that the rest of the room is mostly black/white/gray with some touches of yellow. The sample room on, however, is somewhat earthier. The sofa is cream colored, the table espresso brown, and the throw pillows are mostly a rich chocolate. In both rooms, the toggled grid is warm and striking. I don't just want to walk on it: I want to dance on it.
photo credit: emily johnston-anderson
And the colors are so perfectly me, a dead-on match to these IKEA floor cushions, of which I have two: 
Source: (discontinued)
These would be the perfect solution for a runner in the narrow hallway from my front door. Low maintenance, easy to clean, warm, pretty and, presumably, soft underfoot (if you can't go barefoot, what's the point?).

Um, thank you Rue. And Sabrina. I just got a new Flor catalog the other day and can't even remember having seen this. 
my style: a snapshot of the large rug in my livingroom, an ikea throw rug, and the IKEA cushions (shoes added for scale)

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