Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rooms on Film: The Strain (Dutch's Loft)

The Strain is having a much improved second season and in honor of that I'd like to profile a Season 1 set that was pretty cool: Dutch Velder's Gowanus, Brooklyn loft. It's no secret that S1 Dutch needed to be offed. Other than creating the internet blackout of NYC, she was beyond useless. She couldn't even call off the hack and restore internet access once she realized she'd abetted a vampire invasion. However, S2 Dutch - mere weeks older than S1 Dutch - has learned to fight and weld and look on the bright side. No more curling up behind a gas station toilet with a bottle of vodka while vampire's tear the roof off the building...

Shall we?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lotus & Fig: Charming Charlie's Moroccan Muse

pattern perfection: moroccan muse jewelry box
A few months ago, I wandered down a quiet wing of a shopping mall and discovered a store called Charming Charlie - and was promptly ensnared by the siren call of their Moroccan Muse collection. It had it all: color + texture + pattern: glorious shades of hot pink, bright orange and gold; airy cotton, gauzy weaves, glossy lacquer, smooth beads, rough straw. Good thing there's a store right on Fifth Avenue, NYC 'cause I didn't have very much time to spend in that mall.

But I did not leave without that gorgeous box...

Retail Odyssey: Earthy & Exotic at Pier 1

the moroccan coffee table base with glass round top
Is Pier 1 killing it, a little, kinda? Some of their summer offerings are shall we say, righteous. Sexy in that understated, clean & natural sort of way. Items that feel rich and stately without being too showy or ornate. 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mehrab Motif: Morocco on My Mind

megan pflug's diy wall on one kings lane; photo by eric masters
For whatever reason, I have been in love with mehrab arches for several years now. There is no limit on size or detail either. They all appeal to my eye. So finding this Weekend Decorators project on One Kings Lane's blog was right up my alley! Maybe I wouldn't go so bold considering my space, but there are a few walls that are ripe for such a DIY. 

Of course, in my travels I've come across many other examples of mehrab decor lately...