Friday, August 21, 2015

Retail Odyssey: Earthy & Exotic at Pier 1

the moroccan coffee table base with glass round top
Is Pier 1 killing it, a little, kinda? Some of their summer offerings are shall we say, righteous. Sexy in that understated, clean & natural sort of way. Items that feel rich and stately without being too showy or ornate. 


the moroccan end table base is 19"w x 25"h
The Moroccan tables are amazing! Star pattern and mehrab arches in the legs make for quite a showpiece. Put that in the middle of your livingroom and you might just forget to do anything other than admire it. Unless maybe you decide to put a glass top on it and then place this gorgeous lamp:

the 3-way carved kuba lamp with ivory linen shade
It gives a warm light (and lots of it - up to 100 watts). The shapely base is just the sort of offbeat form I love. The pull chain is...quaint. And that laser-cut modern tribal pattern... Can't help wondering if that shade could be dyed or stained another color though... Say teal or some shade that gently stands out from the natural tones once you place it on this handsome, handsome desk:

the richly stained ashok desk full of tiny drawers
The dimensions seem a bit small for that "knee-hole." Like maybe you can't really get your legs under it. Which is a big deal. But we're only dreaming here so this little beauty looks heavy, rich and exotic. Like those odd vintage pieces you see in stories about some moneybag's personal island retreat. And in such a place you might also find one of these: 

tobacco-stained rattan peacock armchair
This design is very feminine, particularly the detail on the arms of the chair and the back. Peacock chairs are one of those items that remind me of my early childhood. One of my aunts or their friends had one in her apartment. We definitely didn't have one at home. To be perfectly honest, I think of these as decorative. How on earth do you get comfy on such a narrow seat? You have to sit fully upright, with your knees together. Don't let that stop you from dreaming though... 

I certainly used to dream about a similar item to this one, several years ago:

the sheesham kadhi cabinet - slim and full of surprises
A nice little storage piece. Very interesting design, slim profile and lots of storage inside. It would be good either in my entry corner or in my kitchen. Probably the kitchen where a little more storage couldn't hurt, plus the surface would be perfect for... the toaster and or waffle iron. Who cares? Look at this thing! It would fit in at my place as well as one of those carved room dividers:

pretty much perfect - the haathi room divider
This has everything: carved borders, mehrab arches, deep brown color, good luck elephants. The perfect Indian vibe: earthy and exotic. If I had a thousand dollars to blow, it might just be here. 

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