Friday, August 21, 2015

Lotus & Fig: Charming Charlie's Moroccan Muse

pattern perfection: moroccan muse jewelry box
A few months ago, I wandered down a quiet wing of a shopping mall and discovered a store called Charming Charlie - and was promptly ensnared by the siren call of their Moroccan Muse collection. It had it all: color + texture + pattern: glorious shades of hot pink, bright orange and gold; airy cotton, gauzy weaves, glossy lacquer, smooth beads, rough straw. Good thing there's a store right on Fifth Avenue, NYC 'cause I didn't have very much time to spend in that mall.

But I did not leave without that gorgeous box...

Statement necklace, anyone? There were plenty to choose from, and goodness, the price point was right. It was like Claire's for trendy grownups. The designs are all bold and they also represent a spectrum from stately to ostentatious. Even the very shy can find something to love here. All of the collection's items have pink and orange, but the variety of shades ranges from nearly neon to juicy saturation to earthy depending on the texture.

sahara seed beaded bib necklace
all set: dahlia dangle necklace and earrings
samara swanky necklace
ocean walk necklace and earrings
miri teardrop necklace and earrings
big enough to be a shawl: sassy stripes ikat scart
paisley power: desert fire scarf

a sparkling cuff: beach gem wrap bracelet
a twist on things: leilani beaded bracelet
market in style: mogador island tote
mogador island clutch
I'm still thinking about that tote bag, but I have too many totes already.

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