Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mehrab Motif: Morocco on My Mind

megan pflug's diy wall on one kings lane; photo by eric masters
For whatever reason, I have been in love with mehrab arches for several years now. There is no limit on size or detail either. They all appeal to my eye. So finding this Weekend Decorators project on One Kings Lane's blog was right up my alley! Maybe I wouldn't go so bold considering my space, but there are a few walls that are ripe for such a DIY. 

Of course, in my travels I've come across many other examples of mehrab decor lately... 

mastercraft lattice ceramic lamps at target
This glazed ceramic lamp from Target is one of my favorites. Large or small, I prefer the green over the cream. The price is right $26.99 - $46.99. Apparently the large is a 3-Way, 150 Watt. Definitely my kind of lighting. Gotta get the right shade, though...

carved wooden mirror on clearance at tjmaxx
But for the chipped corner, this mirror was a real prize. You never know what you're gonna find at TJMaxx. Some shop fashions, but I go straight to housewares. In the same trip I turned up these little pick-me-ups, as well:

bright mugs with a red mehrab print - more cameos than lattice
cambridge flatware with mehrab reliefs along the handles

Then, of course, H&M Home has great assortment of candleholders on display at their new New York store at Herald Square, including these little treasures:

mehrab metal tealight holders from h&m home
 And Urban Outfitters has some great new options: simple with high style

small & simple: the taj jewelry display rack
ornate: bala tiered dish by magical thinking
spare: crown jewelry organizer by plum & bow

primptastic: the taj mirror by magical thinking
better in groups: tiny moroccan slate tinted mirrors
oh so shapely: the taj wall mirror in bronze

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. In this age of decorating, globally and eclectically, there are so many more offerings out there. Which we will get to...

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