Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lotus & Fig: Pink + Orange Accessories

colombian handmade love: san andres tote by guanábana
Summer is rolling along - a bit too forcefully it sometimes feels - and the orange and pink union continues to indulge it's relationship out in the open for all to see. What should be a competition of vibrant fellows often plays out like a loving partnership, with real partnership.

Their shared goal? To make much life less ordinary.

guanábana hot pink & natural wayuu bag at abc home store
In the spring, I was dead set on getting these pajamas for my birthday. Somehow, I changed my mind. But you have to admire this print in these fabulous colors. Hot pink, orange and chartreuse? Yes! Please. Add in the fact that they're in modal - that dreamy textile that is both amazingly soft and cool - and you have a color + texture + pattern  trifecta! ...Maybe I should reconsider that purchase.

toile chemise and pajama pants from world market
This palampore floral pattern is also pretty fetching. The colors are bright with an earthy undertone that keeps them from searing the eyes. Call it a 'restful bright,' if you will.

world market's mina floral robe and pajamas, perfect for lazy days
From earthy Colombian, to neon Colombian, to bright French (-ish), to earthy/bright Indian and back earthy again. Just name your flavor of Pink & Orange. It's all out there for the having.

guanábana orange & natural wayuu bag at abc home store

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