Monday, July 13, 2015

Stormborn Chic: Party Like a Khaleesi

keepin' it classy: a chic white dress and silver necklace
Even in the face of her fiercest fire-breathing dragon, or surrounded by enemies, Daenerys Targaryen has managed to keep it regal, rocking some outstanding dragon-themed jewelry. If the long wait till April is too much to bear, consider throwing a Breaker of Chains-themed soiree to ease the pain.

Set the mood with candlelight and incense, giving guests that exotic Meerenese ambiance from the moment they hit the door. Between the flickering flames and the black amber and jasmine aroma, people should feel half a world away from their own troubles.

wyrms of olde.... natori dragon candleabra
natori incense set in lacquer box

Dany's treasures include this amazing three-headed dragon which is somehow attached to her stunning white cape-dress. No finer Lupita moment has anyone dared achieve:

remember: the dragon has three heads...
Surely the occupying queen was wishing for a stiff drink when she decided to compromise an reopen those fighting pits. Seeing people butchered for sport was never her cup of tea. Fortunately, Natori thought of everything when planning their "Year of the Dragon" collection. Any good host can present their ample stock of ice and wine in these silver goodies:

who says a party bucket can't have layers scales of style?
wine bottle coaster for guests retiring to a quiet corner to chat
dragon wine stopper to keep things classy throughout the night
for the mixed drinks and designated drivers, a smaller ice bucket
A fete worthy of the Mother of Dragons wouldn't be complete without the requisite nosh. Only a college kid would stay at a party with no food. So you're spread is gonna need to match your drinks game. Do Mhyssa proud...

some dragonscale layering crafted into dany's dresses as well
a serving bowl to covet
dragon scale serving bowl
a ferocious cheese plate
coiled dragon napkin rings

dragon paper napkin holder

A few of these items spread around the place and your bash will go down in legend. People will be talking about it like they staggered away from a pitched battle clothed in little more than the smoking ruins of their wounded pride.

even a vicious dragon has to sleep some time...

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