Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rooms on Film: In America

thrifty chic in hell's kitchen, nyc
In keeping with my recent post about the insanity of New York City apartments and the lengths people will take to live here, I'm profiling a marvelous 2002 movie that got a fair amount of recognition for an indie. In America follows an Irish family as they relocate to the U.S. (via Niagara Falls) and set up house in a huge old building in Hell's Kitchen, following the death of the one of the children. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Color Texture Pattern: All in a Seat

an ideal seat for chilling out at home
Sometimes ads and editorial shots have the best interior styling. The room is not the focus of the ad, but it stands out more than the actual product/service. To me anyway, the holder of one B.A. of Advertising Arts... To whit, the awesome Roche Bobois-esque chair featured in this ad for an Italian bridal website. I'd happily throw out my tan sleeper sofa for this bad girl. Nubby acid green, red and pink stripe, spacious size. Color + Texture + Pattern!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Only in New York

the poster says it all: rustic floors, secondhand furnishings and tenants with artistic flair
All afternoon I've been thinking about the particular strangeness of New York City apartments. First, a friend mentioned that she has moved into a new pad that is bigger and better than her old one. Not a tough act to follow, that old apartment, it was a studio that measures about 14' square. This did not include the tiny (but cozy) bathroom or the teensy kitchenette. And there was scant closet space. The only saving graces are the nearly 10' ceiling and the blinding flood of southern light. It's asking a lot to make an adult's home in a room the size of a bedroom. (I had a number of ideas. The space really sparked the creative juices).

Rooms on Film: Covert Affairs

all the comforts of home: a studio apartment with eclectic global decor, and a motherly big sister who remembers your birthday
For some time now I've wanted to do some posts about the home sets of spy chicks. They just do it better.  From the made-over La Femme Nikita to Covert Affairs's earnest Annie, there has been quite a range of cool homes. The various versions of Nikita have had slick pads that correspond to their respective eras (early '90s, late '90s, recent years) and to the amount of actual control each had over life.

The other spy girls, however, have had homes that were more clearly camouflages for their dangerous lives. Alias' Sydney Bristow had a middle-American apartment that she shared with a fiancee and later her best friend. And my current favorite, Annie's on Covert Affairs, is actually a guest house in her sister's family home. But Annie's global style is by far the nearest to my heart. So that's where we'll start. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Bad Pt. 2

mombasa napkins from serena & lily

So, the tablecloth and napkins arrived last weekend. And they were exactly as expected. Actually the napkins are a thin cotton, much lighter weight. I'm very happy with that. As for the tablecloth, since it is supposed to back a foamcore wall installation, I chose the length to stop above the outlets. Perfect choice. The clearance is about two inches. And, as anticipated, the canvas does closely match my vanilla-colored walls. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Bad: Table Linens from Serena & Lily

a table set for daydreams
We agree that Serena & Lily catalogs can be somewhat intoxicating, right? This photo makes you long for the full blast of summer now just so you can get to those sultry late summer evenings. I mean this is some amazingly subtle - yet - sophisticated product. How did I not notice it sooner? Probably overwhelmed by that fantastic styling above. But the Mombasa table linens won me over and I took the plunge. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Deeds and Thandie Newton

This is not a movie review blog. In the Rooms on Film posts, I add an opinion along with a skim of plot synopsis around the featured sets. But nothing one could truly call a review, criticism or analysis. However, after seeing this film recently I feel compelled to weigh in.

I've seen a few Tyler Perry movies, mostly starring Madea, on television. I did see For Colored Girls in the theater with my mom. That was more of an event. The stage circuit that gave Perry (and Madea) his start is not my cup of tea. What drew me out to Good Deeds was the possibility of a subtle romance. The clincher was Thandie Newton, someone known as a good actress. Someone who sold me some sizzling, breezy romance in Mission: Impossible 2.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Viva Print Media: Domino Quick Fixes Is Out

my other good find was this striped beach bag
It's here! The special edition of domino magazine was on a newsstand in New York City, much to my surprise. Despite my cynicism about paying for info I already own in magazine and book form, I did hand over $10.99 for a smooth and shiny copy.