Saturday, April 7, 2012

Viva Print Media: Domino Quick Fixes Is Out

my other good find was this striped beach bag
It's here! The special edition of domino magazine was on a newsstand in New York City, much to my surprise. Despite my cynicism about paying for info I already own in magazine and book form, I did hand over $10.99 for a smooth and shiny copy. 

At a fast flip through, it looks to have a mix of homes we have and have not seen in print before. One image seemed to be a recent one from Anthrolopologie's website. At least I'm sure I saw it on pinterest this week. 

And, the next edition is due out in September.

desk makeover - not in any previous issues, iirc
stay tuned


Glenys Clarice said...

Nice looking magazine!

belledame said...

it's on a par with domino's aesthetic.