Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Bad Pt. 2

mombasa napkins from serena & lily

So, the tablecloth and napkins arrived last weekend. And they were exactly as expected. Actually the napkins are a thin cotton, much lighter weight. I'm very happy with that. As for the tablecloth, since it is supposed to back a foamcore wall installation, I chose the length to stop above the outlets. Perfect choice. The clearance is about two inches. And, as anticipated, the canvas does closely match my vanilla-colored walls. 

matches the wall pretty closely

Originally, I was considering some of my many fabrics for this project, including a killer shower curtain from Target. But indecisiveness stalled me out, along with trying to decide what dimensions to build. I also considered using this awesome shower curtain, but who would want to cover that up with magazine clippings? (Better to put that somewhere else, once I decide which one to buy.) The Mombasa color scheme is ideal:
  • it matches the wall (aka doesn't absorb the meager light)
  • flows with the rest of my apartment
  • is canvas (so pinning won't ruin it)
  • won't compete with whatever is covering it
It's all good.  (Hmm...maybe I'll buy a longer one to pull across my closet/upper storage in the hallway.)

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