Friday, July 3, 2015

Single-Girl Style: Moody Modern Luxury

home of di botha and athol moult featured in house & leisure south africa
This house near Cape Town, SA is nothing short of striking with its dramatic combination of dark walls and opulent colors. The interplay of modern lines and luxurious textures adds up to a riveting home. It's not so much welcoming as demanding. You feel required to be there right now, reveling in it's cozy, relaxing atmosphere for as long as possible before the owners kick you out. 

You might have to fight that little dog - Jack Russell Terriers are spunky - but imagine stretching on that chaise to read away the afternoon in front of those huge windows. Such large expanses of glass continue through the house, allowing the owners to live both inside and outside without feeling any real sense of separation.

doors open like moveable walls allowing the outdoors and staircase to flow unimpeded
The dark brown walls are not only used as a backdrop to showcase the excellent chartreuse and sienna, but also the framed art featuring African people, wildlife and landscapes. While the floors are carefully dressed with traditional rugs.

The antique pottery is in use and on display, along with handcarved wood pieces and the beautiful lamp. The worn wooden table almost fades into the wall color, the weathered finish helping it to subtly stand out.

the kitchen almost has a sort of kinfolk vibe to it
Red decor really stands out in the lighter, simply furnished kitchen. The open modern room keeps almost everything below eye level, making the large painting a real focal point. Meanwhile, the bedroom features both dark and light walls. The overall vibe is calm despite the fiesty painting. More understated luxury with the Chinese console table and pottery. The items impress in an understated way. Obviously all that sunlight is coming from another massive window overlooking yet more beautiful garden. 

This property belongs to a couple, and it's fair to say the vibe is fairly gender neutral. But it leant every slightly feminine in my opinion. And all it takes to make my "Single-Girl Style" list is for me to want to live there. In this case, it feels like the house is calling me. 

For more photos of the property, do read the article at house & leisure south africa.

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