Monday, December 30, 2013

Single-Girl Style: Cold Light in Quebec

north american whites, as opposed to scandinavian
Here's a home that reminds me of that old memory of my aunt's apartment. It belongs to model/stylist, Azamit. Done all in white, this two story loft is about as open and airy as possible. The high ceilings allow a lot of light to get in through those tall windows. The block glass wall keeps light filtering into the bathroom. Modern, yet relaxed and unfussy. 

Here and there Azamit has decorated with small plants, travel finds from Africa and that great mirrorball. 

love the bright hallway. just add a runner.
simple, open kitchen with lots of storage
open storage for her creative resources
And then there's that fabulous staircase which leads up to a low attic/bedroom, complete with skylights. Mattress on the floor... peacock chair... hammock... This feels so very 1970-something. 

Now, I'm considering memories of visiting my aunt in Albany. She had a cool pad there, too. 

photos by Angus McRitchie for decormag

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