Thursday, October 6, 2011

Viva Print Media: This Probably Isn't Very Green

On occasion, I go too far. I'm one of those people with old magazines under the bed, on the bookshelf and just plain stacked along the edges of the living room. And sometimes I have been known to buy an entire magazine for one image. Over the past few years I have learned to cut back on that by looking for the image online first. But- sometimes they just aren't available. Such is the case with the latest issue of Glamour (which I no longer actually read). I was checking to see if they had done an interesting home profile in "How To Do Anything Better" when I saw these two lovely images:
source: glamour magazine   image credit: robert trachtenberg
Accompanying the interview with Mindy Kaling is this gorgeous photo in which everything is pretty irresistible. I'm not into glam, but I don't mind visiting it. I can't tell if this is a set for the shoot, her actual closet or some random dressing room. But the mix of colors is feminine, bright and quite exciting. Then you have the gray velvet stool and the sparkly dress on the wall. Color + Texture + Pattern!
source: target
Somehow, the original announcement for Josie Natori for Target passed me by. But now that I know it is due out in mere weeks, I'm really interested in previewing the merchandise. Where the hell is the Look Book? Right before the holiday travel season, I'd like to be able to think ahead and maybe budget for this. You must admit: this ad is very cute.

I'll try to remember to pull these two pages out and pass the rest of the magazine on to someone else...


lcb | on the park said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this. The bad habit actually started when I was 12-- any magazine that had even the tiniest Hanson picture HAD to be mine. (Don't judge!)

I love that Mindy picture-- the color palette of the clothes hanging behind her is perfection. Did you read her book?

belledame said...

no, i haven't read her book. it does look pretty humorous. and i did finally find the image online. small, but crisp. i don't know much about kaling, but apparently she's a little engine that is.