Monday, August 20, 2012

Fabric Stash: New Additions

color/pattern combos that are right up my alley
I can't sew much beyond hemming and buttons. My crafty elders taught me young to fix my own clothes and also the joys of knitting and crochet. Sadly, the bug never really caught on with me and none of it evolved into a passion. BUT I do still enjoy buying fabric. I have a large IKEA Strikt box under my bed stuffed tight with fat quarters, yards and multi-yard lengths of fabric. Just sittin' there, waitin' on a someday project... 

And over the summer I happened across a few more irresistible items - on sale, no less - to add to the pile.
 The orange/natural chevron was riiiigghhht up my alley and I bought enough to do a very large pinboard with. It's actually kinda dizzying spread out. Maybe combining it with something that cuts it down a bit would be ideal. Although, the idea is cover it with clippings, etc so it would probably only be visible in tiny patches...

And then there was this darling print which I took for a sort of lotus pattern right off. With the ogee/zardozee was just so totally me. Unlike the chevron, this is not a plain cotton. It's a superfine voile. Far too delicate for a pinboard. I think it undercuts brights very nicely. It was the end of the bolt so I got about four yards.

Have you been controlling your impulses this summer?