Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Color Texture Pattern: Bright & Quirky Scarf

close up of my new favorite neckwarmer
It was supposed to be a quick stop at Target for some cheap (well-priced) body lotion. Y'know, the big pump bottle. Somehow I wound up in the accessory section - stay on the tiled floor, stay on the tiled floor - and suddenly this flaming beauty just popped up from the rack. A scarf that radiates spring in every fiber with it's searing colors, fine-gauged texture and quirky pattern.

It was the only thing in my field of vision. Everything else dimmed to gray. Who could pass up something so feminine and bright and uplifting and...funny? 

Pictures never do this color combo justice. It's too hard to capture. The lense invariably makes the light pink seem brighter and also adds a sweetness to the orange. The genuine article however, is mesmerizing...

light as air and huge (about 3.5' x 6')
The cotton is light as air with a fine, gauzy texture. Heavenly! Into the basket it went, along with the huge bottle of fragrance-free lotion... and several pairs of very cute skivvies. 

Oy. (yea, spring!)


Anonymous said...


I'm a girl from germany :) I saw the scarf with the flamingos and I really want to get one like this!!!
Do you know, where I can buy one?
Is there somewhere a second one? Or is there the possibility that you can buy it for me? It is funny but that is love
I really really want this scarf. You said, it's the feeling of spring. That's absolutely right :)

my email address is:

thanks a lot if you answer me :) !!!!!

belledame said...

sorry antje. it looks like it is no longer available for sale. i checked the website. check ebay. you never know.