Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rooms on Film: Enough Said (Eva's House)

julia louis-dreyfus as eva in "enough said"
This is a lovely little 2013 film about a midlife divorcee who meets a new man and also meets a new friend/massage client at a party. Turns out the new man used to be married to the new friend/client, which our heroine discovers after having developed a serious girlcrush/envy on the new friend while listening to all her complaints about her ex - who our heroine has fallen in love with. One woman's shlub is another woman's teddy bear. 

Anyhoo, in the course of events both of these women have lovely girls-only homes that each shares with a teenage daughter. I see no reason for anyone to be jealous of anything given these two pretty boxes. But I'm a midlife woman in a studio apartment. Shall we? 

Eva's home is pretty admirable from what I can see. Comfortable, colorful, simple, light and airy. She and her daughter live comfortably pretty comfortably in this suburban one-level home:

neat and tidy curb appeal
is this house a bungalow? like the architecture/built-ins
distinctly feminine accessories
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maybe the walls could use a little something
super-comfy sofa
Straight off the livingroom is a small office. It must be tiny for the windows to be so close beside the doorway. Great wall color: 

And off the dining room is the kitchen, which can also be accessed directly off the front door:

glass-front cabinets always impress me
front doorway right off the entrance hall
love a wooden tabletop
And the two bedrooms, starting with Eva's cozy pastel (love the window seat) which features a subtle but effective mix of color + texture + pattern. Banana leaf headboard, linen curtains, small floral sheets and large paisley print duvet:

this is how i like me morning light: bright but filtered...    "cast me gently into morning"
pattern on pattern on pattern
kinda love the banana leaf headboard, subtly tropic

And then daughter Ellen's room, an equally eclectic if more youthful space, currently being stripped down in preparation for college. (I didn't realize how much of my stuff I'd want to take until the night before we left. My mom was so pissed.). Based on warmer colors, Ellen's tiny room is anchored by grey and white bedding.

This was part one. We'll get to homes of friend/client, Marianne and also of Eva's best friend, Sarah in upcoming posts.


Ida Hebsgaard said...

I love that orange chair she's got! Do you know where it's from?

belledame said...

hi ida, i'm afraid i do not know where that mid-century chair is from. it could be vintage.