Monday, September 21, 2015

Cozy Under Foot: Orissa Kilim at World Market

orissa kilim at world market
It's always fun to see wares in person, particularly things you've seen online. Sometimes the brightness doesn't come through in a photo, other times the act of photographing itself draws certain colors out making them seem far more vibrant than they really are. So, I was glad when the new mini Cost Plus World Market store - finally - opened in the Chelsea Bed Bath & Beyond. After all these years of shopping their fantastic wares online, I can finally see them firsthand. Well, some of them. It is a mini store, after all, with a very limited selection of goods. 

But this rug in particular was even more impressive in person. 

the vibrance of the orissa kilim is really striking
It was a pleasant surprise to see how bright and striking the colors are up close. From the product photo, I'd thought it a more subdued combination of burgundies, oranges and browns. An ideal Lotus & Fig combo! But the genuine article reveals a much wider assortment of colors that adds up to an incredible focal point. It would look just as good on a wall. 

the ad for the rug sale shows the orissa to be a powerful print
While I'm not in the market for any more rugs... the temptation is powerful.

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