Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rooms on Film: Doctor WHO (Clara Oswald)

surprise: there's a t.a.r.d.i.s. in her bedroom
It’s the dream we all dream of - rollin’ with The Doctor - and Clara Oswald is living it to the fullest. At first she was reluctant to fall in with his epic brand of whimsy, but now she’s totally on board. So much so, that The Doctor regularly lands the T.A.R.D.I.S. in her postage stamp of a living room. (A couple times he even lands inside her bedroom, which makes no spatial sense.)

…Epic brand of whimsy, right?

running with a timelord is bound to wear a girl out

The neat thing about Clara's little pad is the eclecticism on display. It's a rental, there are wood-paneled walls (ugh), there's red shag carpet...but it is still interesting. Her vintage furnishings are expected for a British girl: ornate lamps, tufted headboard, quilts, embroidered rocker, stately vanity. And the deep sienna walls and teal velvet curtains set a very cozy palette. Clara's bedroom tells us more about her than we could ever learn from her clothing which leans toward classic.

post-date mope: as fine a place to lick one's wounds as any
triplex mirror for faces of all widths...
accessories carefully arranged on the vanity
Clara's apartment has a central hallway that extends from the front door. All of the rooms extend off of it. With the livingroom and bedroom directly opposite each other.
landing strip: coat hooks and umbrella stand inside the front door
The kitchen is one of the brighter rooms. It's compact but fully decked out with all of the essentials including a clothes washer/dryer. The chevron-patterned wood floor and pressed tin wall tiles are nifty European features. Combined with the turquoise cabinets, this is very cheerful room.

confusing: why does the kitchen have a door? what is the point?
the oven is on the wall opposite the (electric) stove
And then there's the livingroom: small, cozy, wood-paneled and the center of activity in The Impossible Girl's life. Small enough for a quiet evening at home, yet big enough for a time machine.

you never know who's gonna drop in on you

small, cozy and colorful mix of ikea and vintage
eclectic decor: ikea plus vintage, global textiles
a pinpoint-accurate landing takes up the entire room
the rattan sofa is a surprise: i expected something overstuffed
And let's give praise to the finest thing ever to grace this little pad: the kind, steadfast and selfless Danny Pink. May he rest in eternal peace...

only the good die young

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