Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream Palace: Rooms to Cool Down In

This heatwave is stunning. Like WTF? I left work at 6pm and could not fathom the temperature on the streets. Is there a massive a/c vent somewhere? A massive grill? After much walking and shopping and a cool ride on the local train to Brooklyn, I finally came home to a blissful 88 degree apartment. And it was a sweet relief... 88 degrees! 

So, I hunted around for some visual relief and found it in these rooms which embody all that I am feeling right now. Stay cool and stick to the shade. 

From stylist Christine Rudolph:
this Livingetc photo shoot inspired me to buy a similar console table from target, for my desk. and it has played no small part in my mix of textiles and colors: my place

From stylist Twig Hutchinson:
how can you not be soothed by blue blue walls? the umbrella is like shelter from the sun on trip to the beach.  and the bedroom is like reclining on the ocean...

sources: Twig HutchinsonChristine Rudolph

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