Monday, July 25, 2011

Single-Girl Style: Eclectic in Copenhagen

Scandinavian style strikes me as both refreshing and cold. The way an all-white room sets off accent colors is striking, and the minimalism certainly gives you a sense of mental lightness. But the white also seems so darn cold. (Maybe it's because I hail from the snow belt.)

This apartment is everything I love in a home. The resident, Trine Harbo, uses eastern influences sourced from her travels to create a home that is grounded, warm and incredibly interesting. The colors, textures and patterns don't clash here. They all work together to create one snug harmony. 

I wonder if Trine does home swaps? I've never been to Denmark...

Source: Maison Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011; Photos: Morten Holtum


Anastasia said...

Gorgeous home!

belledame said...

thanks for noticing, and for following! i have more in the pipeline.