Thursday, December 29, 2011

Color Texture Pattern: Bohemian Winter Retreat

Times like these, when the weather is bouncing between cold, crisp and bone-chilling, all my hopes and dreams are reduced to wishes for a warm shelter, hot food and bright colors to remind me there is a spring coming. I think my apartment does a fair job of providing all these things. But two things my little NYC breadbox lacks are space and natural light. 

So, I'll spend this weekend soaking up the scant five hours of morning sunshine that pools near my bay window while dreaming of this airy, snowbound Alpine sanctuary. 

The eclectic mix is pretty spirited: low couches, bright pillows in kantha and suzani prints, an antique oriental table, a bright blue midcentury chair, chinese lantern frames, sheepskins and rugs in wool and jute.
source: maison francaise;  all photos: frederic ducout

The smaller rooms feature slatted wood walls that add great linear detail against black walls. Beat up leather chairs and poufs play against more bright pillows in silky fabrics and wool rugs.

perfect spot for movie nights
eclectic mix of vintage seating and lighting
 The bathroom brings a completely different texture in concrete and stone. The dark grey is a respite from the bright accents throughout the house. And the glass window...well, I guess you just have to get used to that.
The bedroom is a distinct mix of the rough wood structure and the softness of the bedding and furnishings. I would probably spend my entire vacation there, reading a pile of good books.
You can see many more images of Lionel Jadot's fantastic home in the Alps at the photographer, Frederic Ducout's, gallery here.

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