Monday, March 19, 2012

Retail Odyssey: Global Designs at Target

Like a good girl, I've been staying out of stores unless I need something. What an aboutface! Five years ago, I went shopping every weekend to make sure I didn't miss something good or to get out of the house and get a little 'exercise.' Wow. Anyway, so I was looking for a good low price on a book and swung through the whole store besides. Some very cute things for good prices (that is Target's specialty, no?).

First, there were these awesome lampshades:

moroccan lattice - floor lamp size shade
turquoise version is table lamp size
golden stamp is cute and kinda versatile

I was surprised to discover the melamine summer dishes in the same patterns as the Modern Moroccan and stamp print collections. Love when retailers take a great pattern and just use it in every conceivable way. These dishes came out really well.
stamp print on melamine in a rich marigold
my favorite - paisley chip 'n dip is so pretty

These were so impressive that I headed over to and browsed through the extensive collections of Home Paisley, Home Reactive and Home Red Fretwork. Hard not to want it all, but I bought the hot pink paisley plates from Target Calypso Home last year so... sigh.


Jessie said...

Target has come a long way with their home decor! I can always find something there!! I try not to look, unless I need something. LOL

belledame said...

it's just for the best. i was in there today looking for a black cardigan. no luck. i didn't go to any other section. just left the store.