Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exotic Beds: Matthew Williamson's Butterfly Home

duvet sets, comforters, throw pillows and lanterns

Why is fate so cruel? Why does it deny me us simple things like access to Zara Home? Is it really fair that Matthew Williamson's decor line, Butterfly Home, is only available at Debenham's in the UK? Are we North Americans not fans? Do we not deserve bright, bold patterned bedding and accessories? 

Revel in the lushness:

damali duvet set (coral) and wedding blanket - pretty much perfect
lime ikat, reversible and celebration throw
ikat turquoise stripe - so soothing...
lime priya eyelet paisley sheet set - love this SO much
cheery and floral - british affair duvet set and quilt
ascot duvet set (pink), peacock pillow, vase and comforter
chahna grey ikat duvet, velvety comforter and throws
tribal duvet set, throw pillows and lanterns

And just a couple of the accessories: 

pink candle - mimosa - LOVE the kantha quilt patterned box

pink ikat coffee mug - sure to make my workdays cheerier

And of course, there's so much more. There's even clothing for women and children.

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