Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dilemma: Birthday Self-Gifting

My birthday is looming and I need to decide on a gift. Traditionally, I allow myself one gift, specifically a splurge. Not that the belt's all that tight the rest of the year. Flights to Paris are really expensive nowadays, so I'm looking at objects on my covet list. Feel free to weigh in: 

image courtesy of greenyourdecor.com

My first option is Aphrochic's Brooklyn Life shower curtain, which comes in a warm/outdoor and cool/indoor theme. I don't even want to let this near my shower. I want to make wall art out of it. Six feet of fabric is a lot to work with. It's so perfect, this being Brooklyn and all. Buying both feels extravagant, but one is cool. But which one?! They're both so gorgeous. And both would go with my apartment. Personally, I'm more of an indoor, relax kind of girl. 

Imagine it just centered on one wall, backed by foam core, as statement art. Or maybe as the cover for a huge moodboard...

image courtesy of greenyourdecor.com
The good news is that these patterns are also available as placemats. I kind choose a shower curtain in one scheme and a few placemats in the other...

Another option on my covet list is this mirror from Vivaterra, which is now on serious sale for 50% off. It is four feet high by two feet wide. BIG! And my entrance wall is a great place for it. Imagine checking yourself over before going out the door in this. And imagine people coming in and seeing this curvy baby right off the bat. And imagine all my nosy neighbors trying to peek in whenever I open the door and seeing this. Booyah! 

But do I need this? But it's my birthday... :sigh:

Then there's this handsome book by wonderwoman Sibella Court. I specically want the Aussie edition because it has the prettier cover. (Yes, I like pretty books. I like all sorts of pretty things.) It isn't even a splurge at about $32.00 on Amazon. 

And of course, this little number from Urban Outfitters, but it isn't a Birthday Splurge. For $40, I'm just gonna get that:

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