Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mix Tape Eternal

There are no words. I was shocked and surprised. The Bodyguard came out when I was a freshman in college. Some of the people who saw that movie with me still choose to believe they get together in the end... We all wanted to be Rachel Marron. Somehow both of my copies of the soundtrack (cassettes) have disappeared over the years.

There will never be another star like this because modern technology doesn't allow them to maintain an image. Not only can you not maintain an elegant, golden girl image, it isn't profitable to do so. Stars have to sell their foibles nowadays, so here passes our last living doll. (It's weird. Just writing this, I swear I can smell my old dorm...)

when this video debuted a boy in my high school asked if i'd seen it and insisted it was the jam. he was a flirt i hardly knew, but i still remember what he said.

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