Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cozy Under Foot: Anthro + Argentina

huari: stunning. subtly pops a little earth tone in amongst the searing brights

By now, we've pretty much all seen "Man Shops Globe," right? The owner of Anthropologie travels to different countries to find new and interesting artisans and merchandise for his stores? Even after watching marathons of that show, I am still blown away by many of the home goods they offer. How do they do it?! Their new Argentinian rugs are...there are no words. I've fallen for their rugs before and it looks like I'm falling again: 

huari: pricey, but i think this is my runner
barranco: imagine the red under a desk and the orange under the chair
stavanger: summery texture and soothing hues
vilcanota: i'm the only one who misses shag, i know
aymara; love the stitching, and the way the neutral stripe breaks up the bright principal colors

My hat's off to them again. 

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