Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cozy Under Foot: Zara Home Runner

istanbul runner: my hallway can't wait

I finally did it! Ordered something from Zara Home. The Istanbul runner has been on my mind for quite some months and it's finally gonna be mine. My jubilation over the availability of Zara Home goods is too much to chronicle - and I do mean chronicle - in this post. After failing to set foot in either of Paris' two Zara Home stores during my solo vacation back in 2007, I have been eating my heart out browsing their website over and over again! 

But no more. At last, a little Zara for me.

I've heard their clothes are sort of disposable, but actually never shopped their stores. I don't know if their home goods are 'inexpensive' or not. But I'm willing to give them a chance if for no other reason than in the spirit of all the other goods that passed me by, like their Garcon runner in tan, amethyst and dark brown:

 Wish me luck!

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