Sunday, January 27, 2013

Single-Girl Style: Studio Living

photo: ngoc minh ngo

For the umpteenth time I was considering this delightful room that has been floating around Pinterest for months. How beautifully the colors blend with the patterns and textures. Yellows, reds and pinks grounded by whites and tans. Wools, silks, canvas and crackled ceramics. Paisleys, swirls, dots, geometric florals and African mixes against stripes. Wouldn't it be nice to see the entire room?

And then it hit me. We already have.

Gotta love a "D'OH!" moment. I suddenly recognized the melon-striped rug was the same as in this photo, as is the painted daybed and the crib-mattress(?) cushions under the window. Somehow, the room feels much warmer than it did when it appeared in domino years back. Probably just a matter of the white washing out the lighter fabrics.

photo from

Speaking of which, this room would make a great studio apartment! The set-up is ideal for someone just starting out, who doesn't have much stuff and is still comfortable with a twin bed. 

Eclectic livingroom by day, like a nice sunroom. The chair and chaise make for great seating, either for guests or for the occupant to stay off the bed (for better sleep at night). The silky floor cushions and crib mattresses make great decorative seating, for those who prefer more casual get-togethers. And lots of bright throws to cover your tipsy gal pal when she has to sleepover from time to time. All it needs is a coffee table of some sort.

The colors, patterns and textures are high-impact yet the room itself is low maintenance. There isn't that much stuff. Vacuum and fluff once a week and, voila! 

Just 'cause you have to live small doesn't mean you can't live pretty and well!

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