Monday, February 4, 2013

Retail Odyssey: Springtime at West Elm

new organic bedding: bead print ikat

How they tempt me. Somehow, West Elm just keeps bringing the interesting and cozy homewares, season after season. It's no secret that their Moroccan and Indian offerings are my favorites. But I also find their Modern, Greek, Japanese, etc. compelling. Their latest goods zing with color, pattern and shape. How not to be impressed?
This color is warm and welcoming. If you're still looking to break up a beige room, "Lotus Pink" looks a quick, decisive move.

linen/cotton blend in lotus pink

This oblong table is gorgeous! Rustic and ladylike at the same time. The wood surface is so warm, while the cast iron base is textured and sturdy. (Hate to ding a toe on it, though.)
cast base coffee table

This color doesn't fit my decor, but it certainly heralds springtime. A nice bright dhurrie for rainy days...

This set of wall frames surprised me. Thai fabric swatches in simple frames are arresting and interesting. Color, texture and pattern all in one item.

Welcome to 2013!

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