Friday, February 22, 2013

Single-Girl Style: Global Mod Living

move-in ready, just needs one tweak

Seeing this livingroom in Cottages & Bungalows magazine last year was a jolt. What a an inspiring room. It's very casual and comfy, heavy on paisleys and blockprints, the colors are fresh and feminine and the bones have simple lines for a simple, modern feeling. 

The only thing I would change is that stuffy rug. 

It's too traditional, the colors kinda clash with everything else and it detracts from the rooms light feeling. This room seems to have small dimensions and not a very high ceiling. I'd like to see a rug that makes the room, and the floor itself, feel bigger without competing too much with the other textiles. Obviously, a simple jute or sisal rug in tan would do the trick beautifully. But maybe we want to solidify our commitment to this Indian vibe they have going on. Then maybe we try something like this:

plum and natural flatweave

The stripe is strong, but the plum is dark enough to ground the fuschia pattern on the ottoman while blending well with the navy blue sofas.

purple stria woven cotton

Less bold than the stripe, but the color is still strong. A solid background against the color-on-white patterns on the furnishings. The shade ties to the ottoman, the sofas and the wall art.

Since wishes are coming true, why not add in this lantern-patterned pillow in purple? (If I had any restraint when it comes to mixing patterns, I wouldn't be me.) 
product photos from one kings lane; sofa, ottoman and paisley art fabrics by kerry cassill

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