Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color Texture Pattern: Jewel Tones

rich indian bedroom with boldly painted walls

I gravitate toward warmer colors in my home choices. Even my teals tend to have warmer undertones. But there's nothing like some jewel tones for luxurious intensity that doesn't burn your retinas.

This room combines rich, deep shades with pastel tones in a refreshing way. And the bright gold accent, combined with the bold paisley and damask, keeps the energy high. The contrast of velvet, cottons and silk demand to be handled. This room is so exciting! It indicates someone who is ready for action.

that headboard is just painted on
Experiment with mixing and matching. You might discover an unexpected medley. I learned the best antidote to hot pink and orange is a pale lavender or mauve. Calms it right down.

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