Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Print: Bold Color

eye-popping graphics, adore home (feb 2012)
Much gratitude to the overseas online magazines out there. While we're shivering through deep winter (shrieking, when the wind is fierce), they are serving up gorgeous summer rooms and bright, uplifting color. I'm thinking of making "it's summer somewhere" my new catchphrase.

This bedroom is one of the most inspiring rooms I've come across. The layering is simple, the few colors are striking, there's an expected contrast between the nubby lampshade and the silver pillow. And that Moroccan patterned bedding gives the room a restrained energy. The room is very fun and exciting without being overwhelming.

all good things: global, modern, eclectic, feminine

Pink and orange are with me year-round, in heavy doses. There's no chance to miss it. But seeing it paired with white and citrus shades is like having a cloud lifted from my mind.

saturated brights + white
gorgeous curtain: airy, textural with a bold/delicate pattern
tablescaping 101: a scarf over a table and a stack of dishes

As I'm currently rocking a mix of darker bedding, this little nest seems pretty refreshing. The toile headboard contrasted with the pastel diamond bedding and balanced by that black tribal duvet hits on so many notes of eclecticism and feminity. Multicultural bedding... And I can personally attest to the mentally uplifting power of pale pink walls. 
eclectic mix of patterns

This room is too chic for a girl like me, but I appreciate the luxury of it. The bedding is restrained with the only interest being the headboard design, and the two accessories. If it weren't so tidy, I'd call it 'Desperately Seeking Susan'-style. It's happy and youthful without being too young. A grown-assed woman could be living here and it wouldn't come as any surprise.

global glam: pops of color and a focal pattern
The thing about this livingroom is it turns a beige box into so much more with a few colors, some patterns and a variety of textures. From the tribal rug to the glass table, the wooden accessories and metal lamp. The few patterns on the pillows and the contrasting silver sequins. And these simple colors drawn from the three paintings. There isn't a lot of stuff in the room, but it's all interesting and keeps the eye moving.

And then there's this house: utterly unexpected. There's more pattern than you expect, unusual colors for a bachelor pad and a feeling of luxury. An invitation to this pad would be a golden ticket. Plush, hot pink chairs? People must fight to get a seat. Leather dining chairs under a plush capiz chandelier? Heaven. And the energy of that wall and the ceiling...

Thank you, Adore Home and Heart & Home and anyone else bringing us a little warmth in these crisp, freezing days.

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