Sunday, February 24, 2013

Color Story: Vibrant Luxury

photo: john huba for town & country
Layers of sophistication. That's what this room has, floor to ceiling. African mudcloth, wool drapes, woven throws, silk pillows, velvet seating, handcarved and weathered wooden furnishings and glossy surfaces. Hardwood floors laid in a chevron pattern.

And then there's the color...

Deep colors with a restrained intensity. Bright, but not too bright. The jewel tones on the sofa play off the earth tones on the windows, walls and floor. You take this traditionally styled room, and add that purple velvet sofa as the centerpiece. The result is a room that is full of energy and yet still relaxing. 

You can get stuff done here without fearing you'll just nod off. 

Now I want to play 'Lady of the Manner...'

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