Saturday, March 9, 2013

Domino: Small Spaces is Out!

on newsstands in new york city
Took a stroll after work tonight and hit The City Quilter looking for pink and metallic gold fabric (only found one option), and then hit a Universal News. Upon crossing the threshold, I spotted it and scooped one up. 

Guess what? You've seen most of this stuff before. 

Now, I'm not mad about that. We all know this is just a BHG-style cash grab. Recycled content, sliced and diced into a themed issue and sold at a premium price ($11.99). This is the third go-round. It's no secret that most of us buy it to relive that old feeling of picking up a brand new issue of domino every month...

This issue does have a relevant theme. Small-space living is the new black and may continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Might as well make the best of it. Ever look at apartments on Craigslist? It's amazing how many great apartments are crammed full of stuff by some unimaginative tenant who basically just exists because they can't figure out how to organize and dress their space. 

This issue is a combination of old photos, new copy, pointed ideas about clutter, optical illusions and space maximization. It then features several homes made famous in the original magazine and a Sourcebook section for goods and services at the end. 

Neat, tidy and on topic. 

Now, my collection of domino back issues is not quite complete. A number of issues went into the bin well before the magazine tanked and, frankly, I did not want them back. Maybe that's why I only recognize Olga Naiman's apartment from her website and flickr stream. But I doubt it. This pad is completely up my alley. So...? The diningroom photo doesn't ring a bell at all, and taken for all, her apartment seems quite large to my NYC-opic eyes. 

stylist olga naiman's eclectic new york apartment
I also really dig this place, which seems like it was in House Beautiful or somewhere else. Wasn't there some discussion of the mattresses as daybed on Apartment Therapy? Anyway, boss...

a little west coast for me, but the eclecticism is winning
But one thing threw me and dangled a thread that could easily turn into hours on the floor flipping through the back issues. Of the many impressive small living spaces featured in the original domino, how was this photo the only one from Melissa Metez's swank pied-a-terre to make it into this issue?

Confusing, right? Sure, the transparent coffee table is a good functional idea, but this studio has a lot more to say for itself. Just to recap that legendary achievement in "Single-Girl Style" for those who may have missed it:

melissa metez's apt photographed by melanie acevedo
I've always found that apartment inspiring and some outtake photos would be appreciated. Anyhoo, that's the new domino special. (What do you think of my new fabrics? Anna Maria Horner's Field Study in Whispered Lavendar and Pomegranate Orange.)

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