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Rooms on Film: Revisiting "Think Like a Man"

meagan good as mya in think like a man 2012
About a year ago, I did a brief "Rooms on Film" post on the trailer of Think Like a Man which hadn't yet opened. One of the reasons I'm revisiting this film is because of this post by Kimberly Ward at Pink Eggshell blog. The line that struck me most was, "Because we have to see images of ourselves living well to know that we can achieve it." That line immediately called to mind this movie whose struggle to be accepted as mainstream entertainment was much-discussed in the media. 

For that reason, this will be a multi-part post. I have some thoughts on this movie and it's portrayal of the modern Black experience which feel too big for a set design post. Plus, there are all these homes to cover.

So first, Mya's house:

My previous post particularly focused on the bedroom of one character  - Mya (Meagan Good) - which was featured prominently in the trailer as a cad (played by Chris Brown) bolts out of her bed before she can 'slip into something a little more comfortable.' Soft peach walls, that gorgeous Asian screen, shapely lamps, sheets in mix/match global patterns and that ikat throw across the foot... That shot was what caught my eye in the trailer and sent me straight home to find some images online to write about.

Now, we get a look inside the rest of her house. From some of the camera pans, it seemed to have been fully thought out and staged, from zebra towels in the on-suite bathroom to blockprint wall art in the upstairs hallway. I'm not sure the character's occupation is ever mentioned. Maybe she inherited the house. In any event, it is nicely appointed and "Single-Girl Style" all the way...

fantastic curb appeal, a city home that does a lot with a little
mya's personal style is very eclectic, as is her interior taste
The cad experience spurs Mya to change up her dating style and start demanding some old fashioned chivalry. She sets boundaries about a man getting out of his car, opening her door and not coming in at the end of the evening. She certainly engages the chase instinct. Also, love that her hemline is below the knee. It sort of subtly telegraphs "look but don't touch."

The entry is eclectic and simple. A little landing strip with framed photos, African masks, antlers, the huge framed art print for the wall makes the space feel large. The scarf on the wall and the pieced sari ottoman add color, and the eclectic frames on the stairway wall are another modern, feminine touch. (That lustruous purple tea service in the kitchen isn't hurtin' anything.)

The metal planter in the kitchen and the huge plant further the global theme and add a nice touch of vibrance. Unlike her dress, which is too tight and too short for someone trying to withhold "the cookie."

gotta love the auburn silk curtains and the gilden chinese art

And then there's this awesome room somewhere else in the house. I guess you can devote a whole room to trying on clothes with friends when you live alone somewhere other than New York. This room is undeniably fun. From the terra cotta accent wall to the hanging lantern, the linen curtains. It's too hard to even count all the elements, especially when I'm so jealous of her figure in that dress!

dig those masculine chairs in the reflection, and that chandelier
Love those wooden closet doors. The natural teak shade is so warm. The Chinese mirror frame is high-impact. Taken together with the doors and the burnt-orange curtains this a perfect set up. 

There's that eclectic wall decoration again. This one works really well. Unlike the empty Victorian frames on the stairway, this is decidedly Asian and feels more sophisticated based on the patina and colors on the empty frames. As a whole, the art, green sofa and metal accents pop against the terracotta wall without being overwhelming. It feels very inviting. I'd plop down and look at magazines here any ol' day.

don't miss the gold and patterned curtains, completely different from the sheer linen beside the mirror
The room also has strategically placed speakers and a record player. It must be officially deemed 'the lounge.' 

So, that's Mya's house, my absolute favorite in the film. Certainly it is the most me. Some small touches are a little too trendy like the 'laundry 15cents' sign over the closet, the empty Victorian picture frames and the bird sculptures. They really seem at odds with the general sophistication of the rest of this house.

Not to worry. I'll toss 'em out when I move in.

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