Monday, January 6, 2014

Single-Girl Style: Robin Roberts' NYC Apartment

good housekeeping's spread from june 2012
Since she's been in the news lately, it seemed like a good time to take a quick peek at the Good Morning, America host's livingroom. Robin Roberts did a covershoot for Good Housekeeping that indicates a lovely, ladylike space. Too bad we didn't get a full tour. The article specifically mentions a show-stopping view of the Hudson River. 

Surely, we'd all like to take a gander at that. 

Personally, I'd love a look at her entire home, because the simple color schemes of beige/white with hot pink accents is pitch perfect in my book. Look at it. Simple, textured neutrals on nubby sofas and stately, silky chairs, natural wood bones and then flashes of ikat and silk stria pillows in bold shades of fuschia and hot pink. Plus, the beaded white pillows and carved wooden tables all in whites.

The furniture seems to be rearranged and staged for the shoot. It would be interesting to see the structure of the space and how the owners really live in it. Perhaps these two sofas go back to back, setting up to separate rooms.

i am trying to get my chair cushion to be all firm-cushy like hers

Also envy-worthy, those vertical windows that open inward. Someday...

photos by jim wright


Robyn said...

Hi there,
Saw you on Pinterest and came to peek at your beautiful blog! Love all the different and lively topics. Will be visiting often!

belledame said...

thanks so much, robyn. i did fave a few of your pins this evening. enjoy!