Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bring Back Domino: Thank You!

an eclectic, global rooftop cabana in los angeles
This is quite overdue. In the year since domino magazine returned in it's new format, I failed to thank the publisher for one particular detail: making the archive images full-size. It did take me a while to realize that they were. But other people's pins showed me I was missing something. It has been really fabulous to be able to get my favorite house tours at a properly viewable size. It's pretty hard to see the details in 3x5" images. 

So, thank you, domino. I can finally appreciate my all-time favorite profile without wearing cotton gloves to protect the pages.

Upscale bohemianism! While not a full-time home, this studio apartment is one of the most inspiring homes ever featured in domino. For my money, one-room living can't get much better (of course, the roofdeck helps a lot). Melissa Metez's furnishings are tastefully functional, keeping the distinctly casual space on a classy level. A little crystal, a little gold trim, a linen settee: little things that put that subtle bling on the room.

still my fave: melissa metez's los angeles studio apartment
She doesn't hide the bed! As as studio-dweller, I always say don't. Not only is her bed visible from every point in the room, it is the most colorful item, centered under high windows. And beside the bed is a bright piece of artwork sure to draw the eye to it's soothing teal background.

an a.c. unit painted to match the wall

Neutrals along the window wall, with just the sparest use of pattern on linen. 

Seating that is both luxurious and comfortable. Beat up leather - which we all know is not cheap - sleek linen. A very inviting space sure to put anyone at ease despite the prominent presence of the homeowner's bed. 

The clear coffee table on wheels is a great feature. I know well the value of portable furniture and the need for storage that also displays. The table keeps the cozy livingroom from being overwhelmed with too much dense furniture. 

I'm not so sure about this screen, though. It's pretty and kinda seems like a map. But it is also oversize and solid. I wouldn't want anything interfering with all that gorgeous light, not right in the middle of the room. And on the other side is the kitchen with maybe the most eclectic, gorgeous dining set of all time.

The red table is modern with a shape that seems vaguely far east, while the iron chairs are delicate and ornate. The lantern and mirror just amp up the vibe. Maybe this is what the apartment in The Guitar would have turned into if she'd been able to afford it.

that white popcorn light fixture is a dream of my mom's
This apartment, like Celine's studio in Before Sunset, will always be a benchmark for my own sense of style. It easily lends itself to a full-size home (someday) as well as a small space. In the meantime, I'll just making the best of what I've got.

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