Monday, September 8, 2014

Retail Odyssey: Gorgeous Global Mirrors

sana mehrab mirror from world market

Mirrors are one of my many weaknesses. After hot pink, color, texture, pattern, turquoise, bedding, hammered bronze, mehrab arches, floor cushions and paisley...comes mirrors. There are ten around here. Ten! Without shame. So why are the decor imps out there sending a perfect storm of showstoppers down the pike? The last thing I need is another mirror, but...

Along comes the Sana Mehrab, above, but there is also her slinky sister the "Metal Clad" Sana Mehrab, both large and in charge. At 24 x 36", Sana is an ideal wall mirror, a nice over the mantel or console size. "Metal Clad" on the other hand is a hefty 30 x 63" - that's roughly 3' x 5' - a nice long look before you leave the house.

metal clad sana mehrab mirror at world market

Last year I bought the Satara mirror from World Market in a gottahaveit fit. And I love it. Rather than wall mount it in the entrance, I propped it on top of a side table near my closet. Put my lipstick on there every morning. ::smooch::

Do not get me started on the Sahar Arch mirror. Let's just call it the current summit of all my hopes and dreams, 'cause that arch is perfection and at 26 x 71" it's a statement piece. (Calypso Home has a similar, slightly larger one, for almost $1000.)

someday: the sahar arch mirror is my new obsession

And these three are just the tip of the iceberg. Right now you can swing a dead cat and hit a gorgeous, global mirror: 

world market's red mirror - full of mehrab arches - perfect for  an entryway
the quatrefoil nina is a lattice of moroccan keys
can't beat the warmth of the espresso fretwork rhita - imagine trying to pass it without running a hand over that weathered detail

anthropologie throws up a variety with the archway mirrors

Naturally, Pier 1 has some solid contenders:

the balinese window mirror is extra stately
the cleo mirror - paint it whatever color you need

it'd need some dusting but the carved wood is so dramatic

the persian hand-carved has a gold paint on top of the finish

And just recently sighted on MYHabit, a rather over the top Moroccan glory:
three hands wood frame mirror

Ohhh, the temptation...

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