Sunday, January 25, 2015

Color Story: Mad About Amethyst

john robshaw's lodhi shower curtain
If you know like I know, the deep midwinter can be a real bummer. Short days and low daylight are as a cloud descending, plunging me into a long stretch of hibernation and neglect. Hard to get anything done when you're bundled up in bed. Not this year! I resolved to fight it, fight it, fight it! Certain colors are particularly helpful in this effort, colors like Amethyst (or Lavendar, or Orchid...).

And this season, everybody's got some...

just the shade to chase the winter blues away
The bathroom is one great place to do some high-impact color control. Mine is quite small and changing out a beautiful canvas shower curtain for an airy, cotton white with a paisley pattern, a few years ago, was a tremendous mental weight off. The whole room felt lighter, brighter and fresher. It's probably the largest textile in anyone's bathroom and it really does have an impact on your mental state. Luckily the available options allow one to choose between a white background and a colorful background.

large, intricate paisleys on a soothing background
plum & bow's kylee shower curtain
And don't neglect your floor. (I have a hot pink flatweave rug on the floor and just tossed a clear pink tub mat.) In pretty much any price range you can find something eye-soothing to throw down. Urban Outfitter's tufted mat in lilac is a low cost option.

cozy under foot: a sweet dose of uplifting color
'Tis the season for warm drinks and good books. If you stop for a rest, do it near a sunny window. Then it would be okay to wrap up in something snug like this polyester throw from Anthropologie, and prop yourself on this block print pillow:

definitely more on the amethyst side
bindi pillow with blanket stitched edges
Of course, if you just need to go all in, larger options exist. There's spare bistro furniture for computing or dining as your lifestyle requires:

yates bistro set at urban outfitters
Whatever it takes for you to stay positive, make it happen!

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